10 Combination Sports You Must Try

1. Bicycle Jousting nickjohnson / (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: npj CLICK TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY YOU SHOULD PLAY IF: The thought of making your parents anxious excites you. FICTIONAL HALL OF FAMER: Mattieval Hoffman. 2. Unicycle Hockey Josh Meeder / CC / Via youtube.com CLICK TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY YOU SHOULD PLAY IF: You love hockey and clowns. FICTIONAL…

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Jews are tired of answering these questions

17 Questions: Jews Are Tired Of Being Asked About Christmas

“Ohhhhh. You’re Jewish…” 1. “But, like, you still celebrate Christmas right?” Universal Pictures via milakunis365.tumblr.com 2. “But wasn’t Jesus Jewish?” Universal Pictures via kmpunksays.wordpress.com 3. “Are you gonna celebrate it anyway, because it’s a national holiday?” Comedy Central via hairycarmen.tumblr.com 4. “You don’t even have a tree?” Fox via melissa-briana.tumblr.com 5. “Did you ever have a tree?” Paramount Pictures via bellecs.tumblr.com 6. “So, you never believed in…

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