Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers For Smartphones

Whether you like singing shanties in the shower or bellowing ballads in the bath, we have found the perfect gadget accompaniment with our selection of 7 waterproof speakers.
Boasting the ability to either pair with your iPhone or other Bluetooth-enabled gagdetry, or to wirelessly stream your audio from a docking device, nabbing one of these speakers will mean you’ll be enjoying tunes in the tub in no time.

1. ION Audio Sound Splash

ION Audio Sound Splash
Designed to hook over your shower-head or sucker to your bathroom wall, the rechargeable “Sound Splash” will stream music from any Bluetooth player. Thanks to the built-in mic, it also doubles as a speakerphone, so you can answer calls mid-shower, if that’s your wish. – Cost: $69.99

2. iDuck

You can plug any music player into the iDuck‘s egg-shaped wireless transmitter and the audio will be broadcast to the floating yellow speaker. Perfect for kids — and big kids too! – Cost: $29.99

3. iShower

The battery-powered iShower will pair, via Bluetooth, with up to five devices, so it’s perfect for busy family bathrooms. The useful clock display means you can keep an eye on the time whilst bathing too. – Cost: $99.99

4. Hipo by Ivation

Hipo by Ivation
This shower-friendly speaker boasts up to 25-hours of battery life, meaning you should be able to croon along to a fair few albums between charges. With speakerphone capabilities, there’s also the option to answer calls while you’re lathering up. – Cost: $99.99

5. Blue Splash Shower Tunes

Blue Splash Shower Tunes
Another speakerphone-slash-music-speaker, this rotund Bluetooth device boasts easy-to-use buttons for simple music control or call answering. If you’re not feeling the blue hue, it’s available in a range of bright colors. – Cost: $59.95

6. ION Audio Water Rocker

ION Audio Water Rocker
With a 100-foot range, you can place your iPhone safely in the Water Rocker‘s dock and enjoy streaming music from the fully waterproof, floating speaker. As an added bonus, the Water Rocker also offers a built-in FM radio. – Cost: $79.99

7. Kohler Moxie Showerheads

Finally, if you want to go all-out, consider the Moxie shower-head speaker system. The special showerhead docks a pop-out, rechargeable Bluetooth speaker so you can immerse yourself in your choice of audio as you shower. – Cost: From $199

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