Cassette To iPod Converter

I am not quite sure just how many of you out there still carry your music around – no, let me rephrase, have a collection of music in cassette form since the humble cassette-based Sony Walkmans have all but died for a long, long time already (in technology’s timeframe, time is relatively short).

Well, assuming you have some old classics that have yet to make their way to the digital format even after you have spent years scouring the Internet for it (without any CDs available, either), there is some hope left.

You need not depend on Obi Wan Kenobi, but you can surely check out the $79.95 Cassette To iPod Converter which will be able to convert audio tape cassettes into MP3 files directly. Of course, this digitized format from an analog source would mean you will also get all the hisses and pops, but that is part of the package, and if you have a remote interest in cleaning up digital audio files, then you would not mind converting your entire cassette collection.

All converted audio will be stashed away on the docked iPhone or iPod touch, as long as there is adequate storage space, that is. A couple of AA batteries power the Cassette To iPod Converter. – Coolest-Gadgets


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