StickNFind – Tiny Bluetooth Stickers Ensure You’ll Never Lose Anything Ever Again

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Losing things stinks and there are few gadgets that actually allow you to use your iPhone to recover something you’ve lost.
That’s why we we’re excited to run across the StickNFind on crowdsourcing site Indiegogo.

The StickNFind works by placing a small Bluetooth sticker onto a remote, pet’s collar, or even your child’s backpack.

You can then use your iPhone or Android device to locate the item, causing it to vibrate and light up.

The receiver is about the size of a quarter and pretty thin:

Tiny Bluetooth Stickers Ensure You'll Never Lose Anything Ever Again
Sticknfind Quarter Round

StickNFind’s app is pretty robust. It has a virtual leash feature that can let you know when one of your stickers gets too far away from you. It only works within 100 feet of your phone.

To support the company check out their indiegogo page. The early bird price for 2 stickers starts at $35, but you can get more if you want. – BusinessInsider

Here’s a pic of the StickNFind app in action:


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