Google’s 10 Gbps Fiber Network

Google is developing the equipment to boost internet speed up-to 10 Gbps of data for commercial and domestic use on its network and will deploy it faster than people expect. The one and only fastest broadband internet provider in US is Google Fiber, but according to Mr. Patrick Pichette a Chocolate Factory’s CFO, its 1…

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Top 25 Movies in 2014

Top 25 Upcoming Movies You Must See in 2014

We count down the 25 biggest movies to anticipate in the year 2014! While 2013 still has many, many gems left to unfold this holiday season, there is no denying that in our current movie climate, eyes are already darting forward to 2014. After all, another summer is over and many of Hollywood’s next round…

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7 Wonders Of The World

You’re probably familiar with the original seven wonders of the world: the great pyramid of Giza, the hanging gardens of Babylon, the statue of Zeus at Olympia, the colossus of Rhodes, the lighthouse of Alexandria, and the temple of Artemis. But did you know that a foundation named the “new seven wonders of the world”…

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